Quiet Magic - Noisy Trauma (September 26, 2022)

     I was reading a novel where it was snowing in Edinburgh. It reminded me of that time I was staying at Gladstones Land in Edinburgh and it began to snow, not a lot, but it was so magical as I gazed out the window. And this made me think on how many magical moments I have had in my life. So many! And they were quiet. Like the snow. Quiet and soul-filled. ​ And that made me think of the traumas I have experienced, fewer than the magical times, but so loud they overpower the quiet. It can seem as if life is only trauma, which can be so for too many unfortunate people in this world. However, meditating on my own life, I give gratitude for so much magic. There has been so much more magic for me throughout my 70 years but it can get drowned out by the loud noise and cacophony of unanticipated  journeys where one is sucked down into the Underworld. Yet emergence from the Underworld can be transformational if one survives that difficult journey. The journey may be loud and frightening; however, the transformational moments are so often quiet and profound.  And so my New Moon intention is to not let the noisy traumas overpower the quiet magic.


   by Robin L. Gordon, Ph.D.